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Come for a peek behind the scenes here at Zits world headquarters by following zitsguys on Instagram. We promise one of the more random experiences you’ve had since emptying your teenager’s backpack.


3 thoughts on “zitsguys on Instagram

  1. Dear Jim Borgman,
    I’m one of your fans from many years ago.
    I was reading your blog in .blogspot. It was an amazing experience for me at that time. I used to open your blog before doing anything else.
    Anyway, last night I checked your blog ( Nostalgia) and suddenly empty posts popped up. not any images were there.
    What happened to that great posts? Is there any other format of them available somewhere else?
    I liked your detailed description of finding ideas, sketching them and the whole process of creating cartoons.
    In the end, I hope everything is going well for you as always.
    I and my son are addicted to Zits comics. They are brilliant.
    Best of luck

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