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Hi, all! This is the Zits admin. We’ve had a few folks recently write to us because of some technical issues on the site.

We were hit by a bot attack a couple of weeks ago, and that knocked our website out until we could add some improvements to increase security. But one of our security fixes conflicted with some other software we were using, so some of you may have run into some problems then, too.

We seem to have everything ironed out as of last week and have not received any new reports of problems. If you have ANY problems with the site in the future, the best place to contact someone who can help is That’s our tech support email, and someone will get back to you as soon as they can.

Thanks for letting us know about the issues– it helps us diagnose the problem so we can fix it faster. Here’s to smooth sailing for the foreseeable future!


13 thoughts on “Technical Issues

  1. Actually it was a website configuration error that pointed the website to http://127.0.01 It was documented multiple times by myself and others and attempts were made to reach both the creators and the Comic Kingdom folks via email, the Comic Kingdom website as well as Facebook. There was no response.

    With all due respect, the folks behind the support email just say the problem is on your end and the website is working fine. They also say that they have no control over the Zits website since it’s run by the two creators and they’re not allowed access to it. In addition, they don’t seem real interested in dealing with accessibility issues concerning their websites, including this one.

    Thank you though for finally removing the 3 conflicting anti-spam plugins. It’s unfortunate it took so long to do so. For those of us who use accessibility tools to view the website, commenting was impossible.

    And Websense still appears to be blocking the CDN that delivers the pictures.

    • Two other things:

      Would someone fire up a mobile device and take a look at an individual comic’s page. As has been reported previously, the comment text get smaller as you go down the comment tree. I hope we can finally clear that matter up some day.

      And would someone take a few seconds and get the need to be moderated comments out of the queue? I have to admit that I’m especially annoyed about this one as I was trying to answer someone’s question about the comic:

      I’m sure the person who asked the question is long gone now. I do hope someone takes a second and sends Ari an apology over the matter since someone took the time to respond to him or her.

      Thank you

  2. Well I got an email from King Features who asked me what problems I was concerned about after I game them a link to my comments here. And an email from James says they can see the pictures fine and appears to not understand that that a censoring service found in my public libraries has the cdn blocked.

    And the comment where I tried to help another commenter is still in moderation.

    I guess my only option is arbitration. That’s really sad.

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  5. For at least the past 5 days (it may be more), i have received the following error when trying to access your site during the day. “This site can’t be reached The connection was reset. ERR_CONNECTION_RESET”. I can eventually connect but it’s always late at night (i finally connected and it’s 11:52 pm right now!). i’ve tried different computers and my phone and all get the same error.

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