How Do I Find Old Zits Strips?

The questions we’re most frequently asked is, “One time, like maybe three years ago, or possibly ten, you did this strip where the kid is wearing big shoes, and he says something to somebody, and it was really funny. Could you find the date for me?”
You might be surprised to learn that we here at Zits World Headquarters have no more idea how to find it than you do. After we finish a strip we toss it out our 97th floor window and hit Happy Hour at the Make It Go Away Bar & Grill downstairs.
But — surprise! — you can find that strip yourself without breaking a sweat.
To the right of this blog there’s a search window called “Search Blog.” Enter a few key words and you’ll probably find what you’re looking for.
You can also try:
Happy hunting!
Jim and Jerry

20 thoughts on “How Do I Find Old Zits Strips?

      • It’s like that weird uncle that visits in Calvin and Hobbes. Jim and Jerry probably thought that he’d be good to have in the strip and would help later, only to find that he made almost no contribution to the storyline.

  1. I would really love to find the strip where the dad is turning off the lights and ends-up with a super-hero suit and calls himself “LightMan”! Am I just dreaming that? It was years ago but I’ve never forgotten it.
    Jim from Arkansas/Georgia

      • The subject just came up again with my wife. She leaves all kinds of lights on. She remembers the Zits strip about “Light Man” though. I would LOVE to find a copy of it!
        Jim Smith
        P.S. The book “Extra Cheesy Zits” was pretty short. I felt cheated.

        • >I felt cheated.

          One of the reasons why I buy all of my books used now a days. If I wind up having a negative opinion about a book, I haven’t paid that much for it.

          I don’t like doing it but there’s not a whole lot of other choices. Most of the books I’ve been buying have been out of print for at least a decade.

          I did recently buy the complete run of a certain webcomic though new and direct from the artist.

    • The irony of this is funny. Did you read the post? Did you try the link and search suggested to find certain strips you are looking for?

      • Granted I tried to find it and couldn’t. But just the wording of your post was exaclt what they said not to do! Anyways, I hope you find the strip!

  2. I would like to buy a print of the 6/16/13 Zits Led Zeppelin cartoon. I looked online at the Raymond Gallery and did not see the cartoon. Does anyone know where I can find a print?

  3. Does anyone know how to search for multiple tags? I’ve tried with commas, without commas, with “and”, with “plus”, and with “+”. Sometimes using only one tag yields way too many results.

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