The New Book Is Here!


zitscoverPeace, Love & Wi-Fi is in all the bookstores now. It holds a year’s worth of Zits strips between those groovy tie-dye covers, and it would make an awesome Holiday gift. Just saying’…


5 thoughts on “The New Book Is Here!

  1. Love the strips with the VW Bus. (Even if its not a Vanagon)

    Is the new book or any others dedicated just to the strips with the Microbus?

  2. Hey Mr. Scott and Mr. Borgman! I’ve been a fan of Zits since high school and I wanted say you guys did an absolute stellar job with Zits. I’ve been hooked ever since the barbecue strip when Jeremy was in the backyard with the massive crowd and the girl was on her phone!

    The strips inspire me to do my own strips. (I’m an aspiring cartoonist myself.) I the presentation of Zits. It’s like reading a political cartoon but it’s a gag strip and there is so much creativity in each strip. You guys are a comedic sensation for a new generation of comic strip readers. =D

    I bought a copy of Chillax (finally) and read it in like two days. I loved it and I gotta say sweet dudes. The book inspired me to write again after like my last rejection. XD.I don’t know what it was about Chillax. It just had so much energy and momentum. I just couldn’t stop reading. I was imbued a passion for cartooning and literature like no other. I think I might have to get to work on my book after I type this message. XD

    Anyways thanks for creating such an awesome comic strip. You guys are my favorite cartoonists because you guys are an inspirations to cartoonists everywhere. =)

    P.S. “Today’s my b-day and my twin said he was gonna get a gift for me. I plan to send him a link to “Peace, Love and Wi-Fi” as well as “Shredded”. XD Oh and I have a question. Are you guys still doing sketchbooks or is it just treasuries now?

  3. WHY YOUR BOOKS ARE NOT COMING TO SPAIN???? I’m a huge fan since god knows when and my dad too and we are going nuts because the last book we could get in spanish was “Jeremy and dad” in 2010 NOT FAIR! **cries**

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