CHILLAX and Enter for the Chance to Win Cool Prizes!


Some of the best things in life are free, and with that in mind, we’re hosting a random drawing giveaway of artwork from our brand new and very first illustrated ZITS novel.

Wait — what? There’s a ZITS novel? Yep, and it’s titled ZITS: CHILLAX.

To enter the random drawing, simply post your favorite quote from ZITS: CHILLAX or favorite ZITS memory in the Comments section below. One Grand Prize winner will receive an autographed piece of original art from ZITS: CHILLAX. A limited number of other inspiring entrants will receive a special ZITS book plate signed by both Jim and Jerry to affix inside your copy of CHILLAX.

Contest runs now through August 9, 2013. Only residents of the United States are eligible to enter this giveaway.



135 thoughts on “CHILLAX and Enter for the Chance to Win Cool Prizes!

  1. There are so many! I don’t own a cell phone, so all those hit right home about not knowing how to use one. A particular favorite is the one about Mom cleaning out the kitchen junk drawer and Jeremy then going in for a pencil and destroying the whole thing. I read this strip after cleaning out my own kitchen junk drawers. Zits is our life with four children!! Thanks for making it so much fun and not feeling alone!

  2. I swear you have been a fly on the wall in my house! Thank you for giving a daily dose of medicine to deal with ills of parenting a teenager. I proudly display ‘Decorated Veteran of the Teenage Conflict’ along with many of my fav Zits strips on my refrigerator. I will be scrapbooking them all soon to make room for more fav strips to display.

  3. Zits is what helped get me through raising two teenage boys and keeping (sort of) my sanity! I especially loved episodes in which the mom was remembering Jeremy as a little kid and then looking at him now, with shoes the size of a VW bus, an appetite fit for an entire herd of hyenas, and a bedroom hit by a hurricane.

  4. Opps favorite quote, “Half message, half essay. It’s a messay.”
    One more, “Could you pass the butter please?”

  5. My favorite Zits memory was reading the paper everyday of high school just to see what was in the Zits and Foxtrot panels that day. : )

  6. My favorite memory of ZITS is waking up every Sunday to see the latest strip posted on our refrigerator by my Mom because of the extreme relevance the strips always carried to our house full of teenagers!

  7. I thought your recent Father’s Day strip was very good. Where Jeremy and his dad are wearing concert tees, and they take their shirts off until their both wearing Led Zeppelin shirts, and they both hug at the end. That was nice.

  8. One of my favorite strips was when Jeremy and his friends were talking about going to the football game and sitting high up in the stands. His dad began fondly remembering his own times going to the games back in his high school days. Of course, the real reason the kids would sit in the upper stands was because of the improved cell phone reception (5 bars!)…

  9. I swear that the writers follow my wife and I and our son around. Almost every strip is like a page out of our daily lives.

  10. “The days are long but the years are short.” It’s so true. Some days you wonder how you’ll get through the day and before you know it, your kid is a man.

  11. I love when Sara and Jeremy are talking about the future – She is talking their future and he is thinking outer space He tells Hector ” Ironically, she says, “I need some space.”
    (so, so many very hard to narrow down to one -just love them all)

  12. Jeremy’s yard mowing strips from “Teenage Tales” Sketchbook 8, especially the one where he mowed “this suc..” and his mom shouts “Jeremy!” I actually got in trouble for mowing words into the grass and leaving them.

  13. I have been collecting every new Zits book for the past 15 years, since I was 13, and I feel like I came of age and grew up alongside Jeremy, Hector and Sara. The older books are worn, creased and frayed because I’ve read them over and over again. Great dialogue and drawings.

  14. 7 February 2009 Jeremy was doing laundry. Mom asked him how many loads it was. His response was “I always get it done in one load”. There’s the washer jammed with clothes. I cut it out and posted it by my washing machine. LOL
    The other one I really like is 19 February 2011. The door slams and Jeremy says “I’m home”. Parents are on the sofa looking at him. He raises his hands and shouts “REJOICE”. That was so my son. LOL

  15. Almost every Sunday Zits is relative to my life…Either Jeremy reminds me of my son or my husband every time…the Fathers Day one was perfect, right down to the Led Zep tshirts!

  16. Love the strip where Jeremy says, What’s wrong, is it the apocalypse? Is Dad going to prison? Are we moving? Mom says, No! We just wanted to sit with you and watch some TV. Then Jeremy groans and says, It’s always worse than you think. Sounds EXACTLY like something our teenage boy would say. LOVE ZITS…It’s like you can see what’s going on in our home! 🙂

  17. My favorite is the one where Jeremy gets his driver’s license. It shows him holding up his ams saying”Yesss!” His parents are behind him as he looks at his license with excitement and his dad Walt says “Nice photo.”

  18. The strip where Zit is asked if he has read his English reading lists for the holidays. His answers were hilarious. It went something like this -‘read as in look and comprehend every word or read as in skim through chapter one and then google a synopsis the night before term starts.?’.. I showed it to my 2 teenage sons.

  19. OH MY Gosh! I totally forgot that I was supposed to pick my Dad up at 5:00….Are you mad He’s mad… Jeremy is riding on top of the car…

  20. Way hard to choose just one of my favorites but one that comes to mind is from the “Supersized” treasury. When Jeremy’s Dad seemingly de-evolves as he tries to figure out the computer (pg.221).

  21. No Zits available outhere in The Netherlands, so I subscribed to a dutch newspaper, to get mij daily shot of Zits! So much fun, having three teenagers of my own..:)

  22. Mom asks Jeremy to get her a postage stamp in the kitchen. Jeremy looks in the kitchen drawer, the cabinets, under the sink and in the fridge. Jeremy returns to his mom and asks “Whats a postage stamp?” very funny & one of my favorites!

  23. Zits Comics mirrors my family. Jeremy is like my son who is 6’3″ tall. Son is always hungry, messy, prefers floor over bed, up to date on technology, and people go to him for help. I said who installed camera & keeps up with son’s movements.

  24. I remember going to the book store & reading lots of these comics with my husband & buying random ones. I love watching how much the characters & the style grow from the first one to the more recent ones. I love the characters and the relationships. One of my favorites was when the parents were smelling incense, and the dad says “the only reason we ever burned incense was to cover up the smell of other burning items” and the parents ran upstairs & Jeremy and his friend had set things in the room on fire 🙂
    Love this comic!

  25. Love, love the strip where mom is so upset and then Jeremy says, “I put your name in a song, mom, wanna hear it?”

  26. I Loveeee Zits, Jeremy reminds me so much of my younger brother, when he was 11-15yrs my parents would have to buy him his own large pizza and back then “large meant large”. My favorite is a recent one where Jeremy is falling and the mom comes runnin in and Jeremy ask “DID YOU GET THAT ON VIDEO?” OMG-that is my life!! I will not do anything without having my Nikon or video camera to catch all of the funny moments is my family’s life. I have this strip hanging up in my workplace.

  27. A fan from Germany over here. Although we have pretty much all of the ZITS books translated to German, I prefer to get my original copy in Singapore. Yes, every time I’ve gone there, I went to my favorite bookstore and got the most recent issue of ZITS. Since it’s been a few times in the meantime, I’m now at number 12! And what shall I say… Jeremy has been a loyal friend to me for at least the past ten years. And there’s so much truth in the books. Keep up the good work!

  28. As a mom, my favorite strip was the one of the mom reminiscing about Jeremy growing up. Every morning for the past 5+ years, the first thing I do when I turn on my computer is check out Zits, then Woot shirt, then Facebook….but Zits is ALWAYS first! My two kids are now 18 and 20, so Zits helps me to reminisce just like Jeremy’s mom 🙂

  29. The facial expressions of both Jeremy and his parents, the size 50 sneakers, the bedroom floor carpeted in clothes, the grazing through the kitchen, the everyday-ness of the strip – they are not memories YET, they are our life.

    “Color sceme!”
    “Dinner reservations!”
    “Tux Rental!”
    “Must be getting close to prom time.”
    “So it would appear…”

  31. My fave comic strip is Jeremy mowing the lawn and spelling out “this suc” and his mom yelling at him.

  32. My favorite recent strip is Jeremy bringing home the school mascot, and asking where they keep the hay. I’m in the Buffalo Patrol in scouts, so it made for a good laugh.

  33. My favorite was when Jeremy’s mom put the laundry basket at the bottom of the stairs for him to take up and Jeremy stretching his legs around it to avoid taking it up.

  34. WOW! I want in on the fantastic giveaway. My favorite memory is a recurring one of Zits. All the strips are consistently funny and very well drawn. Bravo on the funnies. If I had to pick one it would probably be the one where Jeremy is suppose to clean his room. Ha! What a hoot!

  35. For me, it was Jeremy complaining that nothing interesting ever happens in the house…

    …then Walt strips off his shirt and yells, “SHAKE YOUR BONBON, SHAKE YOUR BONBON SHAKE YOUR BONBON!”

  36. For Mother’s Day my husband framed my favorite Zits comic for me. It is the one where the mom states that “My emotional relationship with our son is complicated” and the dad just thinks “Try to look surprised.” It makes me laugh every time I look at it because it is – surprise- just so true.

  37. From Random Zits, page 176. “Look busy, act busy, do fewer chores.” As a senior in high school, this hits pretty close to home 🙂

  38. My favorite Zits memory is when Jeremy borrows his dad’s shampoo and at the end his hair is huge because his dad’s shampoo has volumizer in it. My dad has thinning hair and he looooooves his volumizing shampoo 🙂

  39. My current favorite is the one where Jeremy is listening to a podcast called “Stuff You Should Know” and wonders how he never learned this stuff. Mom says to Dad that she should do a podcast called “Stuff Your Mom Tried to Tell You But You Wouldn’t Listen,” to which Dad states that they’d have to build a bigger internet to hold it. TOTALLY my life with my son!!!!!!!

  40. The best Zits is Where Jeremy is in bed sleeping and his mom is yelling at him to get up and then u see him press her noise and in the next panel Hector asking what happen to finger and Jeremy says the best I can tell is my snooze button bit me

  41. My favorite zits memory was while reading a strip of Jeremy’s father singing along with the car-radio “Hello lamppost, whatcha knowing? I’ve come to watch your flowers growing” and being able to finish singing the verse and know the artist as well as the song (Simon and Garfunkel, 59th Street Bridge Song). I was the same age as Jeremy at the time.

  42. My oldest daughter was born the year Baby Blues started. She grew up with them and right into Zits!! Our favorites!

  43. My favorite memory of zits is being the same age as Jeremy (15 at the time) and reading my big Zits books on road trips. He and my brothers sometimes seem interchangeable…

  44. I loved Jeremy with the etch-o-sketch head — both my etch-o-sketch-son and I love to read (and relate to) Zits — it’s something we laugh about and enjoy together 🙂

  45. My name is CONNIE, my husbands name is Larry WALTER. Our son Brett is 21 and has grown up with Jeremy! We are older “baby boomer” parents and many a Zits book has been under our Christmas tree. Our life is a paradox of the Duncan’s. We love moments that depict Jeremy’s appetite, especially his ability to dismantle his jaw to bite a hamburger?? To this day we marvel at our sons ability to rap his mouth around a burger. Of course the messy room and Jeremy’s inability to function without a plethora of modern technology’s toys srrounding him at all times. Of course I can’t not mention the dream of being a musician! Mostly though our most favorite and memorable moments are Jeremy relating to his parents! Once Connie started telling Jeremy how he was conceived and he ran to the sink and stuck his head under the running water to “erase the memory of what he just heard” LOL. Yes, we are the ever endlessly embarrassing parents……and in our opinion that is what makes Zits so great!!

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  47. I have many special memories of Zits. My husband and I used to laugh uproariously at Zits. Now with a teenage son we still laugh, but not quite as hard, as we haul out the piles of dirty clothes and dishes from his room. But if I had to pick only one cartoon it would be the one from back to school night where the dad of another student says “Hi. I’m the stupidest human on the planet” and Jeremy’s mom replies “Pleased to meet you. I’m hopelessly out of touch.” While Jeremy thinks ” I hate parent’s night”. I have it posted above my desk area in the kitchen and hope to get the original at some point.
    Zits has helped us feel not so alone in the daunting task of raising a teenage boy especially in the age of a plethora of electronic technology; that my son, like Jeremy, often uses simultaneously. Zits also points to what’s ahead on our ever so close horizon as my son messes around with his guitars and dreams of rebuilding a car. Zits has helped us laugh, keep our sense of humor, and have faith in who our son is under all the teenage angst and drama. We don’t know how you continually speak to our reality with humor, but you do and for that we thank you so very much.

  48. I love the Zits comics because Jeremy and his friends remind me a lot of my friends and me. I also can relate to some of the situations Jeremy deals with when it comes to his parents. My favorite strip lately probably has to be the one published on May 5, 2013. Jeremy using the phrase “cute boots” on Sarah as a password was hilarious! It also made me realize how many passwords and “codes” I use for things in my everyday life.

    • Oh and another favorite of mine is the one from last September where Jeremy is in his room singing about personal feelings that he can’t let out and he keeps stopping because his mom is always eavesdropping! I love how it sounds like a real song. I sing along whenever I read it haha. I also know how it feels when you think you don’t have any privacy. I actually printed out that strip and taped it to the cover of my journal.

  49. When I was growing up I’d see my brother and my dad go through the growing pains of adolescence, typical teenage/parent arguments, misunderstandings, weirdly agreeing about certain things. It really struck me that whenever they had an argument I’d find a Zits comic with the same emotions and reactions within a day or so. I remember seeing Jeremy blowing off his dad, the comic showing him literally pushing a button on his dad’s forehead, and then hearing my dad complain that my brother was deliberately pushing his buttons. The sweetest one was a Father’s Day comic, when Walt is remember Jeremy growing up and commenting that all he got for Father’s day was a “dinky little pocket knife… and a hug.” It was the sweetest father/son thing I’d seen, and it gave me hope that my own dad and brother would pass their friction stage and keep their loving relationship.

    Thank you for making these comics.

  50. My favorite moment from Zits was when Jeremy called his mother from the living room to check up and when she informed him that he was indeed in the living room, he came back with a snarky comment about how it was okay to follow the rules some of the time.

  51. My favorite memory of the Zits cartoons is when Hector got a makeover and everyone’s responses to him. He is a great best friend.

  52. I have so many favorite Zits strips. I’m always cutting them out or sharing online. 😀 I’m with the other posters, my *favorite* moment is every morning when I get to see the latest strip! (Or 10 pm mountain time! That’s when the next day’s strip posts!!)

    But my favorite strip of all time would have to be when Jeremy said his new thing was to be zen and live in the moment! … unless the moment, well…. sucks. Then he’ll live in some other moment. 😀 😀 HA HA HA, that’s a classic! 😀

  53. Jerry & Jim, you’re priceless!
    “I don’t hug you so you’ll hug me back, I hug you so you’ll hug *your* kids.”
    I love that. Keep it up!

  54. My favorite Zits moment is when I read it every day. I’m studying art to be a comic artist & cartoonist and I find Zits to be a plethora of knowledge on story pacing and art. Thank you for such a great strip and making me laugh.

  55. I loved “My Virus has gone Viral” from a Sunday strip earlier this year. I work at a library and after people go to the doctor, they come to the library for books to read and movies to watch while they are sick.

  56. Oh Zits is my favorite comic as long as I remember. Zits is the first thing I look when I open the comic page. Or in the computer too from ArcaMax as I put Zits so when I open it… It’s Zits first then the rest!

    Would love to have that prize as I hope to win. Thanks!

    H. Sue G.

  57. By the way, MY THREE FAVORITES ARE (I still have on my ref)

    When Jeremy kissed his mom “Smek” She asked him what wa that for. His answer is
    For everything you do around here.

    Another, when Jeremy kissed his mom said thanks mom Your’e awesome and she was stunned and said MMMMMMM. His dad would cost him roses/wine.

    Last one, when his mom told Jeremy that he was grounded, etc. Jeremy said I messed up, scared and need you”. and hugged her. She “melted”.. That’s my 3 favorite comic you drew. Always on my ref.


  58. I sent my son Rude, Crude and Tattooed when he was away at college. It was mis-delivered in his apartment complex. He saw the neighbor reading it and the neighbor remarked, I never get mail… isn’t this strange. My son thought it should have been delivered to him, but didn’t say anything other than, “Oh Zits! My mom and I love that!” A few days later, the neighbor came by and said, I know this isn’t mine and I don’t know if it was supposed to be for you. But, because you and your Mom love Zits, I’ll give it to you now that I’m done reading it! My son actually looks like Jeremy. Our favorite strip is the birthday one, where the Mom is trying to plan the number of people and Jeremy keeps changing it. That was actually published on my son’s birthday, Jan. 8th. Thank you for all the laughs!

  59. “This is unbelievable. I try really hard, but I cannot manage to put on any weight. How do YOU do it Mom?”
    Only a son can get away with saying this to their mom because we love them so much. Any one else saying it would be on a hit list. You really understand the special mom son relationship.

  60. I look forward to reading Zits everyday in the Philadelphia Inquirer and now there’s a book!!! Jeremy reminds me of my son when he was a teen. Love his mom’s exasperated looks and how clueless dad the dentist is! It always makes me laugh and smile. The van, the locker, his friends, his lovelife, his room-every strip is right on the money. I would cherish autographed piece of original art from ZITS: CHILLAX! Keep up the awesome work!

  61. Favorite flashback comic: Zits Guide to a more Peaceful Teenage Experience –
    Five Questions to ALWAYS Answer YES to – (1) Are You Listening to me? (2) Is there going to be adult supervision? (3) Are you going to clean that up? (4) Have I made myself clear? and number (5) Will you call me when you get there?

  62. I have always loved the good night moon comic. ” Good night clutter, good night dust, good night week old pizza crust” It’s hung up in my messy room ever since I found it!

  63. I have enjoyed and shared your strip with our son as he has grown from a teen to a young man? When he reads your strip, I know he sees himself in Jeremy, and I see myself in Walt.
    Like other folks, there are too many great quotes over the years, but one sticks in my mind.
    Jeremy asks if he can borrow some shampoo, then steps out of the shower with a “Gigantic” head of hair, and said “extra body shampoo?” Walt says, “if I didn’t use that kind, you wouldn’t be able to see what I have left!”
    That describes my son and I to a Tee!
    Thanks for the laughs everyday. Keep up the good work guys!

  64. My favorite Zits story line are scene between Jeremy and Sarah. I really laughed when Jeremy said he knew Sarah wasn’t it a great mood as she put only one exclamation mark at the end of her text to him!

  65. I love the comic about Jeremy reading that book for school. It says ‘call me Ishmael’ at the very beginning. Then Jeremy says ‘call me bored out of my skull’
    Zits are great! thanks

  66. All of Jeremy’s lines are classics. One of the best examples of raising a teenage boy is Connie pulling the works out of Jeremy’s mouth to find out about the Calculus test. I read Zits online and it makes me realize that my 16 year old (17 tomorrow) is not the only one that doesn’t speak to his parents beyond a grunt or a sarcatic remark. No more than three question per day answered.

  67. My all-time favorite is the one where mom and dad are watching Jeremy while he’s sleeping and they comment: The years go by fast. But remembering some of his antics, the last panel reads: yes, but the days go by slow!

    That one, and the one where Jeremy tells dad that mom ruined his life today (to which she replies: I don’t get paid enough for this job) are two that I’ve clipped and keep on my desk.

    Thanks for all the great insights!

  68. I love where the mom and dad are going to watch a movie, and they turn around, and Jeremy has taken up the entire couch, leaving no room for the parents. It’s so classic teenager!!

  69. We have two clips hanging on our fridge. The first one has Walt sitting in a chair pulling on Connie’s arm,”Quick! Sit in my lap!” They are passionately kissing when Jeremy walks in.”GAA!, YOU!, KXX!” Connie says,” Aww! You overloaded his criticism circuits for me!” And Walt says,” I think it’s pretty when the little sparks shoot out his ears.” Jeremy is in the background about to be sick. “Urk!”
    The second shows Connie standing in Jeremy’s bedroom. ” For heaven’s sake, Jeremy! Your room looks like a bedouin camp, minus the camel!” Then she sniffs the air and says,” I take that back… The camel must be in here, too,” to which Jeremy replies, “I told you that I’ll shower in the morning!”
    We love the comic strip and read it faithfully. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  70. Having taught English and French in a high school for many years, I have had many “Jeremys” in my classes every year. Jeremy is the Eternal
    Teenager : maddening, impulsive, irrational, but ultimately endearing.

    My recent favorite strip was Jeremy and his dad’s dueling band tee-shirts until they embrace over Black Sabbath tees.

  71. When I was Jeremy’s age my grandfather was dying of cancer and I remember him laughing hysterically at your comics. He loved them. I started reading them a few years ago when I started getting the newspaper everyday and I love them too. I think it’s so cool what you guys do. You bring me a lot of laughs.
    I’m very excited to read Chillax. I think it was a great idea to do a longer story. It would be so hard to pick one comic because they are all so funny but I really like the ones lately where Jeremy is with Sara. I’m so happy I found this website and your archives, I just wish my computer loaded faster… I want to read them all=)

  72. I love this strip. Anyone who has ever had a teenager can relate to it! One of my favorites is from several years ago. The one where Jeremy’s mom tells him in April that they are going on a trip out west for vacation. She reminds him in May and again in June. Then in July she asks if he’s ready to go and he says “Go where?”. That reminded me so much of my daughter (she’s 22 now) that I colored his hair red, added a ponytail and changed his name to Kaci and it’s been on my refrigerator ever since. Also like the one where the Girl Scouts come to the door selling cookies. Jeremy finds out you don’t have to pay ahead of time. And then Walt wants to know why there are Girl Scouts doing cartwheels on the lawn. Can’t hardly pick a favorite, they are all good!

  73. It was crunch time at my college, the last few days before finals. Every one was a frantic mess. So I printed out a Zits cartoon and posted it on the cork board above the water fountain: Jeremy calls to a girl in the school hall, “Hey, watch this!” She grabs him by the neck and says, “If it doesn’t raise my GPA, fortify my essays, or count as community service, I’m not interested, OK?”

    My classmates could relate! lol

  74. my all time favorite strip this year (pub. 5-29-13) has dad deferring to Jeremy to mom for a decision. Jeremy asks “mom, what does dad think?”.

    It hit me hard as we have 2 teen boys at home and it keeps getting weirder. Thanks for showing the humor in the insanity.

  75. There are a lot to choose from in this book and it’s very hard to say which one is a favourite but the last line in the book is really great.

    “Not perfect, but close. And, as it turns out, close is close enough right now.”

  76. Because so many of your strips remind me of our teenage son, I’ve nicknamed him “Zits”. He doesn’t seem to mind….it would probably be too much effort to mind-ha! We share your strip every day. I cut them out and he, his father and I get such great laughs out of them! One of my favorites was when the dad asked if Jeremy wanted anything from the grocey store and Jeremy said something like….doughnuts, cheese Doritos, chicken, and Goldfish and the dad said he already put the “orange isle” on the list. Jeremy told his father that he didn’t get the correct items the last time and his father said that he did, but he added carrots. Jeremy responded that his dad would have to be more careful this time. I swear my son survives on the “orange list”.

  77. Two favorites. The first is when Jeremy’s dad takes off his shirt and breaks into “shake your bon-bon”. Jeremy’s look is priceless.

    The second is when he sees “normal” pierce watering the back yard in bermuda shorts and no piercings….and is asked to swear he wont tell a soul!

  78. Well, I love them all but if I had to pick the GREATEST of all time it would be the strip where Jeremy is laying in his room with his best friend, his arms folded behind his head, legs crossed and says,” What if the Hokey Pokey really is what it’s all about?” Sensational. I have that framed hanging in my office!! Clients LOVE it!!! Keep up the GREAT work!!:-)

  79. I’m a twenty-one year old college student, and I see so much of myself in my roommates, myself, and my younger sister in Jeremy and Sarah! The best comic IMO, is the one where Sarah and Jeremy are walking in the wind, and she has to fix her hair. Jeremy’s “I have another entry for ‘Why Women Hate Us'” made me laugh much harder than I should have! And it’s definitely true for me and my boyfriend!

  80. my favorite is the one where Jeremy is fixing his moms computer,making her nervous and he shouts kaboom! and she is either in the ceiling or on the floor after that…

  81. Love Zits! When my son was still at home, I was always making him check out the strip. He came to the conclusion that material for Zits was coming from a hidden camera in our home because so many were similar to our reality.
    I have so many favorites, but the one I cut out and has been on my refrigerator for years is where Jeremy tells his Mom, “I’m not arguing. I’m just offering a relentlessly contrary point of view.” My son was an expert in that.

  82. I didn’t mean “gay” as in “homosexual,” I meant “gay” as in “lame.” Why do people always misinterpret what I say?

  83. I love to read Zits every day. It give me a good chuckle to think these are things I have to look forward to. I have a 13 year old son and we read the comic together and I couldn’t tell you how many times he will says “yep that is me in a couple of years”. There is something in Zits that we can all relate to.

  84. Jeremy w/ a surfboard and garden hose, saying he’s a coastal soul in a landlocked family, to which his parents reply, surf’s down in central Ohio

  85. One of my favorites is when Walt and Connie are listening to Jeremy and Hector jam, and the boys sing “and the court appointed lawyer went splat”…and Walt says “you guys sound just like Enema!”….it still makes me laugh!!!!!!

  86. So many of these hit so close to home. My wife and I have one child, a son–now 23 but certainly going on 16. I’ll mention just a few of them:

    April 5, 2012: Jeremy is showing his father how to enter his birthday on line by scrolling, scrolling, scrolling…finally saying, “Sobering, isn’t it?” Having been born in 1951, I sometimes feel like that even when my son isn’t watching.

    April 16, 2013: Dad is going to the grocery store and asks Jeremy if he wants anything. The kid lists all sorts of junk foods. Dad: “‘Orange Aisle.’ It’s already on the list.” Jeremy: “The last time you brought home carrots, too. Try to be more careful.”

    May 17, 2012: Jeremy asks if he can take a photo of his parents because he’s doing a paper on the elderly. Mom: “And who would that be?” Dad: “Just drool for the camera, dear.”

    May 23, 2012: Mom asks Jeremy to bring down a basket of laundry. He says it looked heavy; can he do it when he gets back. “Back from where?” “Weightlifting.” That hits particularly close to home. Our son spends 3-4 hours a day at the gym and is an MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter. But he has precisely the same objection as Jeremy does.

    October 15, 2011: Jeremy is trying unsuccessfully to make a phone call. His dad explains that it’s necessary to dial a “1” first when making a long distance call. Mom shows up, asks what they’re talking about, and Jeremy answers: “Dad’s childhood. What’s long distance?”

    Sometimes the resemblance of the strip to my home life is spooky. I love it. Keep up the great work.

  87. This one is especially relevant right now. (I’m a teacher.)
    Mom says: “Shouldn’t you be getting to bed? School starts tomorrow.”
    Jeremy says: “Not if any of the twelve trillion wishes I’ve been making come true.”

  88. Most favorite…no, my two most favorite….OK, my THREE most favorite Jeremy moments (and I swear you guys live in my walls and write this stuff around our every day goings on…)–

    1) Dad is listening to his iPod, singing Jim Croce’s “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” VERY loudly, and Jeremy bemoans that he ever bought his dad an iPod–
    2) Jeremy is complaining that “nothing exciting EVER happens around here”, and Dad casually pulls off his shirt and starts singing Ricky Martin’s “Shake Your Bomba”, complete with hip gyrations (this has actually happened in this house-like I said, you guys live in my walls–
    3) Dad tells Jeremy to bring his dirty clothes to the laundry room, and Jeremy brings a mountain of laundry (this is actually my screen saver)–

    btw, I have girls and trust me, they’re all the same…..

  89. I loved the ‘comin out’ series where Jeremy replied the boys shoes were so gay! It was so great to see the subject dealt with WITHOUT there havina be a great big drama involved. How jeremy was so blase about the kid bein gay but hung up on the shoe’s. An excellant imagery of how it’d be nice if all kids were that open minded. That series should be offered to H.S. Newpapers.

  90. I think the best quote is when Zits incorporated some philosophical humor. Scene: [Jeremy’s mom is asking him about him being on his computer so much]
    Jeremy [instant messaging]: I think, therefore I.M.

    Jerry and Jim, you guys are too much!

  91. I can’t think of just one memory or scene, but I just have to second everyone on here by being convinced that there was some sort of camera/mic deal set up in my house growing up. It’s uncanny and hilarious how similar these things are; I’ve actually started printing a strip and tucking it inside cards I send to my folks. Doesn’t matter what occasion it is, I’ve never failed to find a strip that matches perfectly.

  92. I have too many favorite memories but the one that gets me every time is the one where Jeremy’s dad introduces him to a woman with a little joke or something and Jeremy gives this HUGEEEEEE laugh that is just ridiculous, and he says “My social laugh needs work”. And the little lady backs away slowly lol. The expressions just get me every time.
    So many good ones though! You know you’re nuts when Zits references come up in everyday conversations with your family…

  93. I have so many favorites. Zits is my all time favorite cartoon. But I especially love the one on Aug 4, 2013 where Mom tells Jeremy she just washed the floor.

  94. Dentist Dad..Nothing better has to live his life with where it was and how it is now. I am just like him and feel his pain every day..Love it

  95. It warms my heart to see that Jeremy creates special music CD’s for his mom just as my son does for me. Each morning we look forward to getting our daily dose of the Zits cast of characters to put a smile on our faces as we start our day. Thank you!

  96. O.k., I’m sure many people will find this not funny, but I just can’t help myself, farts make me laugh!!!

    You’ve had several good ones, but I think the one that really hits home is the one where Jeremy’s mom bolts from the room after Jeremy lets one off and Jeremy is sitting there thinking that he has just found his super power! Silent, but deadly!!!

    This happens in our home a lot, but the dog always gets the blame!!!

    Keep the laughs coming!!!! Thanks! 🙂

  97. I’ve always enjoyed FOGHAT since I was younger than Jeremy. When he used his dads CD to scrape the ice off the car windows I yelled at him too!
    2nd was the recent Sunday one where they both ended up with Led Zepplin tshirts on. Spans time.

  98. Love the strip where Hector and his girlfriend break up. Jeremy asks him if he’s okay, and Hector obviously replies that he is. The final frame is a great drawing of Hector’s shadow showing a HUGE hole where his heart should be. As a high school teacher, I actually like to use that strip as an illustration of how difficult it is for teen boys to open up about what they are feeling.

  99. My favorite Zits strip of all time: Mom-Do you have anything that you would like to put in the laundry” with her back to Jeremy. Jeremy is approaching with the BIGGEST pile of laundry ever. I cut this out, and gave it to my daughter-it is the essence of her dislike for laundry!!

  100. I love Zits! Favorite memory: the comic where he is praised all throughout the school day and when his mom asks about his day his only reply is, “Sara likes my shirt.” I also love the one, “Can somebody remind me how to make toast?”

  101. Favorite moment: when Jeremy and his dad discover that they both have the same musical roots; both undress down to Zepplin shirts and embrace.

  102. This is a no brainer for us young at heart guitar players. Best Zits strip was where Jeremy was playing guitar while laying on the couch and his Mom complimented him saying it sounded just like the radio. Then he asked “AM or FM?” (Only FM was cool when we were growing up!)

  103. Jermey’s mom: Did you make your bed?
    Jeremy goes to his room and moves piles of laundry and trash to find his bed. He finds it and goes back to his mom.
    Jeremy: Yes

  104. My favorite comic strip would be the one where Jeremy thinks that his parents are telling him what to do but all they are saying is have a good time!!!

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