phojjjjtoWe’re hearing some great buzz about our new illustrated novel Chillax, like this awesome review. Thanks Schweitzerman! Look for it in the Young Adult section of your bookstore or, of course, here and here.

I think the best part of the novel is Jeremy’s narration. It’s not too detailed and not too brief and the prose he uses in describing some of the everyday aspects of his life made me chuckle and green with envy-want to write that well. 
Also the pictures by Jim Borgman are brilliant as always. I recall my Dad (Who could have been the model for Jeremy’s father, Walt) laughing a few years ago about the noses in particular on most of the characters. The drawings are all new and original and help the story in terms of comedy. 
If you’re a parent and want to pick up Chillax for your child, teen, tween (What are those, anyway?), I say do so. It’s not too short, not too long and the dialogue, narration is something that any writer would like to be able to pull off. 
Oh, and since this is a book about teenagers, narrated by a teenager there is a bit of…colourful metaphors, shall we say. The words “wanker”, “damn” “pissed” and various forms of the word “crap” are used but here’s the thing: Your kid probably uses all these words already when you’re not around. And if you think they don’t, congratulations, you’re clueless.
There is another book in the works and I look forward to reading it and giving it a review like this one.

15 thoughts on “Buzz

  1. So cool! I just wanted to say that I love your comic SO much! Me and my mom read it all the time, your comic is our favorite out of most! I’m working on my art (my parents have approved that it looks pretty good) and I want to be a comic artist when I get a little older. Do you have any tips I could use? (I already have a pretty good strip idea…)

    • Tips? Hmm. If you scroll back through the blog archives you’ll find some thoughts on carrying a sketchbook, always my #1 recommendation. Beyond that: study the work of others you admire, research the old masters of the profession, play around with different materials, and foster your curiosity.

  2. hi dear Jim
    me and my 8 years old son are crazy about your comics. we read your books and zits comics regularly. thanks for your great settled-in inspiration comics.
    Im also follow your work from Cincinnati and your blogging in blogspot. As I’m a Medical Doctor, it seems that a new topic book between your books is disappeared: a zits book with medical themes.
    thank you for your amazing technique in creation and drawing!

  3. I would like to see Walt or Connie grow some brains in this story, maybe seeing Jeremy’s life for how it really is? But then I must remember that this is a novel of COMEDY, not Science Fiction!

  4. My husband and I read your comic strip daily and frequently email it to our 20 year old son who we swear is the model for Jeremy. We just can’t figure out how you infiltrated our life so perfectly.

    This latest set of strips on reading a book for pleasure is spot on. Our son hasn’t read a non-required book in eight years. We love the loving yet teasing ribbing between parent and child. So true in our home especially between father and son.

    Thanks again for starting our day with a smile.

  5. When I was Jeremy’s age my grandfather was dying of cancer and I remember him laughing hysterically at your comics. He loved them. I started reading them a few years ago when I started getting the newspaper everyday and I love them too. I think it’s so cool what you guys do. You bring me a lot of laughs.
    I’m very excited to read Chillax. I think it was a great idea to do a longer story. It would be so hard to pick one comic because they are all so funny but I really like the ones lately where Jeremy is with Sara. I’m so happy I found this website and your archives, I just wish my computer loaded faster… I want to read them all=)

  6. Dear Scott and Jim. I am a 15 year old high school male (ironically almost the same age as Jeremy) and I cannot get enough of your comic. Jeremy and I have very similar lifestyles; my parents are great but they sometimes get on my nerves, I have a great girlfriend and many excellent friends. This comic has helped me understand my parents, and helped them understand the strange things I do. My entire family (Mom, Dad, and my brother) reads your comic and we all share our favorite Zits moments together. Our favorite comic is probably the one where Jeremy has set up a presentation to his parents that reads “I’m right, and you’re wrong” to which Walt and Connie sit with amusingly skeptical expressions on their faces. Keep up the great work guys, see you in the dailies.

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