Meeting of the Minds

1rUsDP.AuSt.76It’s rare enough for Jerry and I to find ourselves in the same room together, but¬†extraordinary to have Rick Kirkman, Jerry’s partner on Baby Blues, join us. (BTW Rick is up for the Reuben Award at next week’s National Cartoonists Society convention — fingers crossed.) But last week we all met in San Luis Obispo, California and talked with a reporter over lunch about partnering on comic strips.


2 thoughts on “Meeting of the Minds

  1. Sorry if this is the wrong forum for asking this, but I love pizza and your comic about Jeremy eating pizza as a smoothie perfectly describes me. In fact, I was just talking about how I would eat pizza as a smoothie if I lost my teeth when my wife was reading that comic strip in the paper. Brilliant! I was wondering if I could use it as my Facebook cover photo?

  2. Looking for a particular strip. There is a comic where Jeremy is alone for the first three panels. In each panel he is fantasizing about having a girlfriend. In the last panel he is walking with a girl, and is fantasizing about being alone! I think it is one of the most insightful relationship strips ever!! Anyhow if anyone can find it – I have searched and searched – would you please email me a link to it?? Thanks kindly.

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