Meeting of the Minds


1rUsDP.AuSt.76It’s rare enough for Jerry and I to find ourselves in the same room together, but extraordinary to have Rick Kirkman, Jerry’s partner on Baby Blues, join us. (BTW Rick is up for the Reuben Award at next week’s National Cartoonists Society convention — fingers crossed.) But last week we all met in San Luis Obispo, California and talked with a reporter over lunch about partnering on comic strips.


3 thoughts on “Meeting of the Minds

  1. Sorry if this is the wrong forum for asking this, but I love pizza and your comic about Jeremy eating pizza as a smoothie perfectly describes me. In fact, I was just talking about how I would eat pizza as a smoothie if I lost my teeth when my wife was reading that comic strip in the paper. Brilliant! I was wondering if I could use it as my Facebook cover photo?

  2. Looking for a particular strip. There is a comic where Jeremy is alone for the first three panels. In each panel he is fantasizing about having a girlfriend. In the last panel he is walking with a girl, and is fantasizing about being alone! I think it is one of the most insightful relationship strips ever!! Anyhow if anyone can find it – I have searched and searched – would you please email me a link to it?? Thanks kindly.

  3. really cool, I had no idea that one of you also works on “Baby Blues”, which is another of my favorite “living vicariously” strips! Thanks for all the hard work and keeping the comics page worth reading.

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