Big thanks to John Weber for an awesome review on his vlog The Punchline. Just to congratulate ourselves, we’re going to take the rest of the day off, put on our shorts and go upstairs and make comic strips.


4 thoughts on “(Blush!)

  1. Thank you both for “Zits”. It’s so clever & timely. You’ve nailed the sons & (grandsons in my case) & parents of today. Keep doing it, guys. I look forward to your comic strip every day. They are laugh-out-loud wonderful!

    ps: do you have teens? where do you get your ideas?

  2. Jerry / Jim
    Can’t tell you how much your strip “hits the mark” !
    Our teenage son works at a Pizza place…and just purchased a pair of shoes using our credit card…your strip is reading his mind !

    You are truly “tuned in” to the teenage mind…
    Keep it up !

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